Blue Midnight is a hard-hitting rock band roaring out of Los Angeles under the guidance of 24-year-old composer, pianist, lead singer and energetic front-woman, Justine Glaser. Blue Midnight’s sound is iridescent in its pummeling drum beats, spiraling guitar solos, operatic vocals and classical string section. Their sound has been dubbed ‘Dream Metal,’ and draws from a wellspring of influences ranging from Tool to Nightwish by way of Dream Theater. Over time the band has developed a potent, dreamy and deeply authentic sound that seeks to empower young people across the world.

Glaser says of her work: “To me, music is about self-expression and resolving whatever you need to resolve in life.  I think the best kind of music is raw, honest, and well thought out, that’s what I try to do with Blue Midnight. I try to make music that speaks to me, and I make music that tells my personal truth and experiences.”

Since the release of their debut album ‘Eternal Wish’ back in 2018, Blue Midnight have only grown in notoriety. Their rise has been driven by the well-oiled machine that is Justine Glaser’s work ethic. The leather-clad frontwoman not only writes all of the music and lyrics, but also books her own shows and designs both her own merchandise and unique stage attire. Glaser has used her story and status to inspire girls to follow their dreams.

Blue Midnight’s sense of devotion to both the music and community has helped them to rapidly grow in the Los Angeles alternative rock scene. They have quickly become local favorites, even performing at the 2019 Aftershock Festival in Sacramento alongside Slipknot, Rob Zombie and Korn. In preparation for her tour, on August 16th, Justine took over Aftershock Festival’s Instagram account and shared behind the scenes footage of her band in the studio, new music, and she answered questions from her fans. This year Blue Midnight will be performing on the third day and sharing the stage with Tool, Gojira and Korn.

Currently, the band is in the studio and preparing to unleash their upcoming album that is inspired by fantasy, self-exploration and introspection. More than just another hard rock band, Justine Glaser and Blue Midnight seek to elevate the dialog around their genre with their original sound and authentic look.