Blue Midnight is a progressive hard rock band, currently roaring across the country under the watchful eye of indigo-haired composer, pianist, and lead singer Justine Lunaris.

Formed in 2017 in Los Angeles, Blue Midnight released their debut album Eternal Wish in 2018, and immediately drew applause for the Album’s mystical, ethereal lyrics, which Lunaris skillfully blends with modern hard rock and metal compositions to create a sound, and an aesthetic, all her own.

With a strong background in operatic voice and classical composing, Lunaris pulls from her vast musical experience to build radiant, expertly-layered symphonic masterpieces of driving, hard rock instrumentals, perfectly showcasing the technical prowess of Lunaris and her band, and bringing her other-worldly, orchestral melodies to life.

Since the release of their debut album Eternal Wish in 2018, Blue Midnight has played countless shows and festivals, most recently performing on the Main Stage at the 2019 Aftershock Festival in Sacramento alongside Slipknot, Rob Zombie and Korn.

Blue Midnight’s latest album Eternal Wish (Deluxe Edition) was released in March of 2020, under Larabie Music Group, and is receiving rave reviews. This remixed and reinterpreted version of their debut album also features a previously unreleased bonus track of Blue Midnight’s brilliant rendition of “Sober” by the legendary progressive rock band Tool.

Blue Midnight is looking forward to performing their newest songs for their fans during their upcoming Spring/Summer 2020 tour, featuring a run of highly-anticipated festival appearances, which will commence in Los Angeles in early May 2020.